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pretty russian girls
pretty russian girls
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Pretty Russian girls

pretty russian girls
Pretty girl
Елена, 29 yo
pretty russian girls
Pretty girl
Виктория, 39 yo
pretty russian girls
Pretty girl
Yana, 37 yo
pretty russian girls
Pretty girl
Svetlana, 34 yo
pretty russian girls
Pretty girl
Oksana, 21 yo
pretty russian girls
Pretty girl
Valeria, 33 yo

Top rated Russian girls

pretty girls russian
Russian Girl
Ilona, 22
pretty girls russian
Russian Girl
Christina, 22
pretty girls russian
Russian Girl
Екатерина, 26
pretty girls russian
Russian Girl
Olga, 38
pretty girls russian
Russian Girl
Ksu, 27
pretty girls russian
Russian Girl
Екатерина, 20
pretty russian girls

All Russian girls who register to Pretty Russian Girls site are going through a very strict verification process.

Scam protection
pretty girls russianEvery day we register about 30 new profiles of pretty Russian girls and single Russian women to our site. Every week 'Pretty Russian Girls' team blocks about 50 scam profiles from our site. Communication wizard

Every week about 30 happy girls leave our site because they found their mate and don't need us any longer.

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happy marriageEach week we receive thankful letters from our members who met the right woman at 'Pretty Russian Girls' website Add a feedback
You are welcome to join for Free, browse russian girls profiles, comunicate with them live and you will see that our site is the best place to meet your Russian love: New Russian girls profiles

We have a new Live Chat with Russian Girls. You can write instant messages to all the pretty girls online!

russian bridesThe most beautiful Russian Girls!
Scam protection
pretty russian girls

We worked out a strong scam prevention system to protect you from fraud. We take into consideration all available anti-scam resources. We constantly update our own list of bad girls. We know scammers ways and always on the look after their new tricks

We want your experience with russian women to be as pleasant as possible.


Is this Girl looks suspicious to you?

'Pretty Russian Girls' protects you from fraud. Bad girls can change nicks, pictures, e-mails. For that we have a special system that identifies them anyway. We follow these girls to prevent them from causing you inconvenience in search for your love. Our members can report the girls that they find suspicious to the scam list. We will verify the information and if the girl is fine no one will notice the complain. If the girl is a scammer we eliminate her from the site and enter her profile to the scammer’s lists

Our member's questions

After the registration I noticed that russian girls have different profiles - some are gold, some silver. Does it matter for communication. Does all pretty russian girls can write me letters and why profiles are different?

All the women you can see have free profiles. ('Pretty Russian Girls' never charge girls any money). But all girls can answer you. It is free for them - to write the first to you and to answer you. Profiles are different because of the girls appearnces. Prettiest girls that get higher rating entitled to post there pictures in Gold galleries

Most of the girls on the Pretty Russian Girls site look like models. Are their pictures real?

Yes, absolutely. We always veryfy that. We have a database of thousand pictures that correspond to sertain profiles. If we notice a duplicate we investigate the matter. Please note that all pretty russian girls on our site have Natural Photos!! Despite some other sites when pictures look the same or alike because they made by the same photographer in the studio with special make up and lighting. All our girls have natural pictures made by themself. That is why you can see - they are really pretty girls, beautiful and natural!

How to find your Pretty Girl

pretty girls russianDid you come here to look for Pretty Russian girls? Do Russian women attract you? We are here to help you

profile pictureGet your membership at 'Pretty Russian Girls', post your best picture. This is first what women see in your profile. In fact any normal foreign man can attract any single russian woman, even the most beautiful one, if he meets some of her basic requirements and knows what to do. And there is a lot to know. But picture is first.

pretty russian girlsRussian girls are pretty conservative about the role of men and women. Russian girls could be active, but they wait for you to start contact. There is no foreign man that would not be able to find a nice, pretty, educated, and honest Russian girl that would be happy to become his bride. Any non-russian man can do it! In your first letters to Russian girls you should appear as a man that is capable to create wealth and provide security.

travel RussiaIn your letters to your russian girl be definite. Let women know your plans for marriage. On our site, russian women are looking for a serious relationship, and some of them had experience when men write letters for several month with no serious intention. Because of that russian girls would reply less when they don't know when you can meet them.

pretty russian girlsChoose the russian girls with ones you enjoy talking the most, the ones with good sense of life. Ask a girl when she is online and have a Live Chat with her. Short conversation will tell you more than hundreds of letters. Arrange your trip to Russia

pretty russian girlsWhat russian women don't like is to know that you write to many girls and do not define them. Make your russian girl feel that she is special and the only one you prefer to talk to

marriage agencyAfter establishing a solid relationship with your pretty girl, start preparing the visit. If you delay to meet your girl the are more chances the relationship will suffer. It can not stay steel - the relationship has to develope, get better and lead to the happy ending!

Communication wizard

We offer many ways to start communicate with girls.

Girls are usually send you winks. And you better start sending messages.

Place you picture for photo rating content. Each time pretty girls rate your pic you can write back a thank you letter

You can also send postcards to pretty girls. Specially if there is a holiday or girls birtday

We also offer so called "ice breaks, preselected phrases that help you to start communicate with pretty girls.

We also set up some flexibale templates for you that you can change to your liking and send them to as many pretty russian girls as you want.

Russian girls look like models!

pretty russian girlsMen are fond of pretty Russian women. Girls in Russia really do their best to be attractive. It has been in Russian women's tradition for centuries - to be perfect and feminine. When Russian girl walks on podium or on the street, playing tennis or cooking - she does it with perfection. Russian women keep their appearance, figure and health thoroughly.

The secret

pretty girls russianIt is a mistake to think that russian girls only like men with money. No. What russian girls are really need is security. They will look for your ability to create wealth for the family - the quality russian women don't find in most russian men. Write more to Russian girls about your qualities to support the family.

Why the girls send winks?

pretty russian girlRussian girs traditionally do not start to write letters first, they might afrade to look like an "easy girl", therefore they wait for you to write first. Russian women are proud, so be gentle with them. And don't forget - women like compliments

Why marry Russian girls?

marriage agencyRussian women have higher priority of family values before career, they want to have good quiet family life. Russian women are used to take good care of themselves - be slim, dress well, do make-up. Russian Women are feminine and loyal. Russian brides are the best choice


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You can send unlimited postcards, etc. to all russian girls
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russian brides in bikini
russian brides in bikini
russian brides in bikini

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